About us in Fiji

This website was built by Sandra and Garry who are originally from Tauranga in NZ. We came to Fiji to expand our NZ business but this didn't work out so well. In the mean time we discovered a gap in the market for a website that helps people looking for holidays in Fiji get a better deal on things to do in Fiji, cheaper than a resort tour desk. So we're here to stay in the paradise that is Fiji!  

Garry has also been exploring the mountain tops of the Sleeping Giant at Sabeto, he takes our little scooter to the village to meet with Lukx and the two of them start walking and talking. His idea is to take tours to the top as the views are so stunning and its so close to Nadi too. We'll keep you posted on progress on our Facebook page.

If you're looking for more info on why you should book with us or other questions please see our FAQ page.

Top photo is us with the village chief way up in the Nasouri Highlands.  Here's some more pics of us on some of the trips...

Garry on the Excitor Navua River waterfall

Garry on the Excitor to Treasure Island, he's really excited with his new GoPro video which you can see him holding - Sandra at Navua River waterfalls

Treasure Island Natadola Beach

My feet relaxing on Treasure Island - Garry walking on the stunning Natadola Beach

Zip linning River Rafting on Upper Navua River

Sandra at the new Nadi Zip line - Us enjoying river rafting down the Navua River

Tivua Island Seaspray trip

Relaxing on Tivua Island - Visiting with the locals on the Seaspray trip

Seaspray Trip Site inspections with Prakash

Enjoying the Seaspray trip - Sight inspections with our new friend Prakash discovering more about the untouched Sunshine Coast 

Nosuri Highlands 

Fantastic views at Nasouri Highlands near Nadi

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