Day trips to Islands in Fiji

Looking for the best day trips to an island in Fiji? Which one is best for you will depend on what sort of things you like, each trip is unique and different. Here are a few things to consider before making your choice...

Want more time on an island and less time in a boat getting you there, then take any of the Excitor trips or South Sea Cruises to South Sea Island as its really close or PJ's to Bounty Island. The best snorkelling we've seen so far is at South Sea, Treasure & Monuriki Islands (on Seaspray trip) - simply stunning.  Treasure, Mana, Malolo, Castaway, Plantation, Octopus, Botaira & Robinson Crusoe Island have a resort where you spend the day exploring from.  Here lunch options are very nice as they also cater to in-house guests.  Other islands like South Sea, Bounty, Beachcomber, Tivua, Schooner & Savala are much smaller, lunches will be low key and generally BBQ buffet style - still yummy!  Ok, those are my feet enjoying a fantastic day at Treasure Island with Beachcomber in the background.

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